Stultiens Group: Craftsmanship with a modern twist.

Family business Stultiens Group.

Stultiens Group was founded by father Stultiens. The company, still owned by the Stultiens family, started with the making of stamps. Stultiens Group was founded in 1983, but has grown enormously in recent years, in particular, because it started producing with the help of laser systems. "Because of this we have made great strides in technology and that has given the development of the company a boost," says Loek Stultiens of Stultiens Group. In 35 years, Stultiens Group grew from a sole trader to a contemporary enterprise with 13 employees, specialized in supplying stamps, nameplates and name stickers.

Why Trotec.

Whoever wants to continue to grow must continuously invest in innovation solutions and the further expansion of facilities. At Stultiens Group, they clearly understood the message. To be able to offer the best quality, Stultiens Group follows developments closely. Due to increasing demands in the field of (fire) safety and insulation, we believe it is important to also opt for good machines.

Not long ago, Trotec installed the new and leading Speedy 400 laser machine, which must ensure even more production and efficiency. "We already had two great laser systems that did a great job, but we are always up for something new. After a thorough evaluation, we opted for the latest Speedy 400. This way we can adjust heights, the size is nice and large and it also has an automatic sensor. The best of the best.''

Trotec solution: unprecedented spectrum of possibilities.

Laser engraving and laser cutting has never been so open and easy - #openandeasy. "The operator of a laser machine can be operated comfortably. The laser machine offers support for various protocols and adds a multitude of options. The laser machines from Trotec have JobControl and therefore offer the possibility to produce easily, quickly and efficiently. "

Investing in new machines, software and personnel is the key to keeping up with customers' requirements. Fortunately, we can usually meet all customer requirements, partly thanks to the two laser machines that we have.

Loek Stultiens
Stultiens Group

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