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About Kaszazz.

Kaszazz is a card making and scrapbooking supplies specialist located in Adelaide, South Australia. Since its establishment in 1994, Kaszazz has evolved from creating craft supplies for children to scrapbooking and card making. General Manager, Michael Stock, has embraced and continued his mother’s passion of art supplies and expanded the product range to include textured cardstock, paper, rubber stamps, inkpads, tools, embellishments and more.

In 2018, Michael purchased a Trotec Speedy 100 laser engraver and has since witnessed incredible benefits relating to productivity, efficiency and profitability. His tremendous and overwhelming experience with Trotec has led to the purchase of a Speedy 300 laser machine, which is delivering even greater opportunities for Kaszazz.

The greatest advantage of owning a Speedy 100 is that we can go from a creating and testing a new design to manufacturing within a short space of time. We no longer have to commit to very large orders of each design.

Michael Stock

Award-winning Speedy Series.

Chipboard is incredibly popular in the scrapbooking and card making industry and has been a product that Kaszazz has always sold. Prior to the purchase of a Trotec laser machine, Kaszazz sourced chipboard from other suppliers. The Speedy 100, however, has allowed Kaszazz to not only produce its own chipboard, but also develop a range of new designs and expand its range to include unique stencils and cut-outs. The decision to purchase a Trotec laser machine was a no-brainer, according to Michael. “Our primary reason for choosing Trotec over cheaper brands was its excellent reputation.” The Speedy 100 has been a definite asset to Kaszazz due to its reliability, optimal performance and production efficiency.

The Speedy 100 has been an absolute workhorse for us. It works on average 10 hours a day and that is just cutting time. It just keeps going, and going, and going. I’ve been just amazed by the reliability of this thing.

Michael Stock

Unmatched service.

One of the biggest things that stood out to Michael during his experience with Trotec was the exceptional level of service, training and support. “The guys at Trotec have truly exceeded my expectations when it comes to service and support,” says Michael.

What I will say about Trotec is that you can really rely on their support and their training. Whenever we have a problem, require additional training or want to try and cut new material, they are always just a phone call away. Their support and service levels are absolutely fantastic.

Michael Stock

Where to from here?

In light of extraordinary business growth and an excellent experience with his Speedy 100, Michael recently upgraded and purchased a Speedy 300 laser engraver. The most notable difference in purchasing a larger sized laser machine, Michael notes, is the significant efficiencies in time and production. “Rather than printing 6 chipboards per print run, as we were doing on our Speedy 100, we can now cut 11. The Speedy 300 also cuts faster, which means we are able to manufacturer products far quicker.”

To learn more about Kaszazz and its range of high-quality art supplies, simply visit www.kaszazz.com or follow their Facebook and Instagram pages @kaszazz.

With the extra capacity of the two machines running, we plan to produce larger stencils, add a range of new designs and run additional promotions and specials. It is very exciting.

Michael Stock

Speedy series
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