Unique marking quality and therefore reading reliability

with detail sharpness, high contrasts and deep engraving.

The legibility of even the smallest font sizes is still ensured, by precise lettering. The high detailed sharpness, high contrasts and deep engraving, prove the demanding marking quality. For deeper engraving, there is a special engraving model which leads to clean burns - without any post-processing.

Thanks to the MOPA laser source, high-contrast markings on plastics can also be carried out even more precisely. MOPA lasers can also be used to apply annealing markings on anodised aluminium, as well as (under defined conditions) colour markings on stainless steel and precise metal engravings on the entire marking area.

High-quality optics are used as standard for perfect marking results.

SpeedMarker series
Industrial marking of individual components as well as large batches.

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