Digital Table Exhaust

Digital Table Exhaust for SP2000 and SP3000

During laser processing, it is imperative that the best possible vacuum is used in order to ensure the highest cutting quality is achieved. The Table Exhaust is just that! The exhuast system can be activated in specific zones of the work area with the SP2000 and SP3000 laser cutters.  

When working with materials and equipment that don't entirely cover the working area, open spaces need to be manually covered by the operator in order to achieve an efficient vacuum. The preparation therefore costs valuable time, effort and money. 

The segmented exhaust system however enables the work area to be divided into two zones with the SP2000 and four zones with the SP3000. You can then indvidually activate these zones by simply pressing a button on the operating console. 

If the material that is required to be cut only covers one segment, you only need to activate this segment. You no longer need to manually cover the remaining surface area. This therefore allows you to achieve a perfect vacuum and the highest cut quality. 

Digital Table Exhaust for SP4000

A well planned exhaust system is essential for achieving a clean and smooth cutting edge. Not only does the SP4000 ensure the best extraction of dusts and gases, but it also ensures process stability by keeping the material held down to the laser bed with the vacuum. The digital table exhaust can be seperated into four zones. This measn the exhaust area can be efficiently adapted to the fabric width to thereby create a reliable and clean cut. 

Trotec has also developed a travelling exhaust at the laser head specially designed for soft signage applications. This ensures efficient removal of smoke at its origin. The highest quality safety standards and legal regulations are also fulfilled.

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