Wondering if your material will work?

Contact our applications lab.

Material Test on Trotec Laser Equipment

Do you want to know if our lasers can engrave or cut your material? Are you searching for the optimal laser settings for a specific application? Send us your materials for a free test.

Our application engineers will examine your material according to your needs on Trotec laser machines.

These aspects can be analyzed:

  • Feasibility
  • Processing speed
  • Engraving or cutting quality

Request a Material Test

To request a material test, please fill out the form below. Please to describe the material as precisely as possible and let us know what the material is to be tested for. After that, send your material sample to our test lab and our application engineers will immediately get back to you with the analysis results.

Please send your material sample to:

Trotec Laser GmbH (international)
Freilingerstr. 99
4614 Marchtrenk, Austria

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