June special buy: Laserable bottles, mugs and tumblers

23. Mai 2023 •

Laserable bottles, mugs and tumblers in striking colours are on sale!

Our wide range of insulated bottles, mugs and tumblers can easily be personalised with a laser engraver. They feature in our June special buy deal whereby for every 10 items you purchase, we'll throw in 4 FREE. Your purchase can include a mix of bottles, tumblers and mugs. Visit our webshop today to discover these great products.

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High-quality products at a low price

Get a robust product that is easy to process. Our laserable bottles, mugs and tumblers are made of high-grade 304 stainless steel with a coloured coating especially developed and tested for laser engraving. The bottles and mugs are ideal for keeping cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm thanks to double-walled insulation.

Inspire your customers with trendy, fresh colours

Stand out, try something different and attract new customers! Trendy colours are ideal for creative gift products and promotional giveaways to companies and at events. Creative designs with finest details can easily be realised with a laser engraver.

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Personalise insulated mugs and make additional profit

By adding our mugs and tumblers to your product range, you can bring new revenue streams to your business. The special coating makes it easy to engrave and personalise with a laser machine. These high-quality products come with a lid that prevents spilling and double-walled vacuum insulation. They are available in many striking colours, with selected products available on sale now.

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Tips: Engrave bottles and mugs with or without a rotary attachment

Did you know that a rotary attachment isn’t essential for engraving bottles and mugs? By evenly fixing products to the laser worktable, you can engrave narrow areas very well without a rotary attachment. To begin, prepare a template to perfectly position the products. You can then efficiently engrave many bottles at the same time. If you engrave without a rotary on a flatbed laser, be aware that the longest text or design should be in the direction of the x-axis for the fastest possible engraving.

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Inspirations :

How to make money with personalisation.

Pricing is the be-all and end-all for every company. These examples give an initial insight into purchase and sales prices. Good to know: The engraving costs include the operating costs of the machine, depreciation, personnel costs for file processing and machine use.

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