SPS Technik - Special Signage & Much More

Automotive manufacturers all over the world rely on facility signage from St. Valentin.

The company SPS Technik GmbH from St. Valentin implements complete solutions for automation projects, including delivery of mechanics, electrics, software production, assembly, commissioning, and service. In addition, SPS Technik offers comprehensive production of facility signage, using the Speedy 400 flexx in production.

SPS Technik – special signage and much more.

For regular projects in the automotive industry, not only standard solutions, but also more and more often special signage, such as cabinet signs made of coated acrylic glass and cable and equipment labels made of aluminum with ceramic coating, is used. Particularly in large factories, internal standards apply, which must be implemented. Uniform and clear signage is not only an obligation, but moreover gives the brand a distinctive look.

SPS Technik uses exclusively the Speedy 400 flexx to produce such facility signage. This has the advantage that with the two laser sources in one machine – both CO2 and fiber laser – it can letter many components, e.g. tools and screws, made of a variety of materials.

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Different materials – different approaches.

Processing of a wide variety of materials is no problem for the Speedy 400 flexx. Especially the two most important materials in the automotive industry, acrylic glass and aluminum, require different handling.

At SPS Technik, the TroGlass acrylic glass is formed by laser cutting (with or without bore). Here it is important to set the text mirrored, as this is later covered with acrylic paint on the backside.

Anodized and ceramic-coated aluminum is ideal for extreme conditions. For this purpose, the desired dimensions are cut with gate shears, and any bores are punched. The workpieces thus prefabricated are inserted into a stencil, and finally the top coat is ablated down to the ceramic by laser. Thanks to the laser engraving, the writing emerges in white and clearly legible for the completed signposting.

International and sector-independent.

SPS Technik is sector-independent and operates globally. Hence, various facility signage systems can be found not only in the automotive industry. SPS Technik supplies all industrial sectors, including:

  • Automotive and supplying industries
  • Steel and foundry industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Printing and paper industry
  • Woodworking industry
  • Aircraft industry
  • Plastics industry
  • White goods industry
  • Logistics and forwarding
  • Packaging industry
  • Ceramics industry

Our company attaches great importance to regionality and Austrian products. The laser system and the laser material are matched, so we achieve the best results. Last but not least, we are very satisfied with the service provided by Trotec, especially with the support of Mr. Topalovic.

Ms. Margareta Hübl
SPS Technik

Application examples for industrial laser marking.

The laser beam allows very precise details with excellent readability to be affixed to the workpiece – without tedious preparatory work. Laser markings are moreover resistant to wear, UV radiation, heat, cold, or chemicals, and excel by a particularly long service life. This makes laser suitable for a wide range of industrial labeling applications, such as type plates, machine markings, instruction plates, product information, trademark protection and many others.

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