Sheffield Creatives use Trotec Laser Cutter to Learn, Create, Sell.

Empowering the local unemployed.

Learn, Create, Sell (LCS) is a creative platform which works with Sheffield's unemployed community to unlock their creative potential, teaching digital fabrication and developing skills and knowledge. Members of LCS are encouraged to research, design and test their ideas before going in to production.

Once completed, products are then sold on the Learn Create Sell website, where all profits are returned to the designer. The scheme exists to provide an opportunity for local unemployed or graduate designers to realise their creative ideas.

Finding the perfect tool.

As members of LCS are encouraged to be creative with their applications, a wide range of materials are used within the workshop. These include textiles, acrylics, wood and cardboard.

LCS's core aim is to inspire creatives to get involved in digital fabrication as a means to design new product ideas, improve their current manufacturing processes or just to meet other creatives to share ideas. Through the platforms programmes, participants are guided on a journey of training, product development and trading. The ultimate aim is to develop Makerpreneurs; a well-rounded individual who feels independent with a sense of purpose and role in the wider community.

Looking to get the best tool to inspire members, LCS began looking at laser technology as a potential addition to the workshop. This lead them to getting in touch with Trotec Laser.

We were mostly impressed by Trotec's JobControl application with its simple and easy interface. A tool which is easy to understand, with a vast array of unique settings and a pre-set database list of materials settings. This enables us as training facilitators to teach elements of laser cutting to complete novices in a very short space of time.

Zak Ahmed

The ideal tool for creativity.

Zak Ahmed and his business partner Angga weighed up their options when looking for which laser cutter would best suit the needs of the designers they'd be supporting. They chose the Trotec Speedy because of the ease of operation in contrast to other machines. The JobControl software was signalled out for praise by Zak, who mentions how its intuitive design allows LCS to train complete novices in elements of laser processing in a very short space of time.

The Speedy 300 is at the core of LCS's ability to provide its members with an opportunity to learn a new skill. It has so far been used to laser engrave and cut a vast number of products and materials.

The Speedy 300 laser cutter provides a working area of 726 x 432mm and a top processing speed of 3.55m/sec. Available with CO2, fiber or both laser sources (Flexx), it’s a versatile laser plotter, ideal for cutting, marking or engraving a range of materials which are commonly used in fablabs.

To find out more about LCS and to see the work produced by its members, go to www.learncreatesell.com

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