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A growing company.

Lasercut London was founded in 2013 by Chris McGee to provide a premium laser cutting service. Initially operating to provide cutting and engraving services to businesses and consumers, Chris quickly realised that by working with his client he was able to offer much more, developing the creative, project delivery and consulting side of the company. Lasercut London puts an emphasis on meeting the needs of clients and working with them to deliver intelligent solutions. 

My Trotec experience has been fantastic. From my area manager being hands on and proactive to receiving same day responses to my enquiries by phone, I feel that I have purchased more than a product, I have become part of a family.

Chris McGee
Managing Director/Founder, Lasercut London

Time consuming processing.

Lasercut London's main applications include protoyping, design and processing a wide range of materials, including automotive fabrics, woods and awards. Often multiple applications are processed in the same day.

Initially Lasercut London were using a CO2 laser cutter for their production, alongside a range of other tools including printing machines, 3D printers and CNC machines. With a bed size of 609 x 457 and only a single choice of engraving table, Chris found that the machine was quite limiting as his business started to grow.

Typically, jobs could take up to three days to process, which when working with a large client base was far from ideal. Alongside this, the laser supplier operated through a distributor in the UK, which was problematic when issues arose. Chris would usually have to wait a while to receive a response to his enquiry, often only receiving an email.  

These problems were a cause of frustration for Chris who was keen to enable his business to develop and further its potential. During a visit to the Trophex exhibition, Chris spoke to Trotec to try to find whether there was a better partner for his business than his existing laser supplier.

Speedy processing with Trotec.

After discussions during Trophex with his area manager, Chris was keen to add a Trotec laser to his arsenal of tools. Following detailed discussions and a demonstration at the Guildford showroom, Chris thought the Speedy 400 would provide his business the flexibility to grow and reach his business goals.

Since being installed, the Speedy 400 has seen over 600 hours of processing time over a range of applications. The Speedy laser is 2.5 times faster than his previous laser, and as such has further helped Chris to develop his initial vision for the company, processing more projects than previously possible.

Jobs which had previously taken multiple days to process can now be completed in less than a day. With a working area more than twice the size of his previous laser and the range of additional accessories, Chris has found his investment in Trotec to be a springboard for his business, also providing enough flexibility to adapt to the growing demands of Lasercut London.

Alongside the laser's processing capabilities, Chris was keen to highlight the Trotec staff for their helpfulness. From the dedication of his area manager who made sure that Chris found the optimum machine for his business, to the technical support staff assisting with any arising issues, Chris knows that he can depend on Trotec. The UK based support has been invaluable after the problems encountered with his previous supplier.

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