Integrity Laser and the major impacts of a Trotec laser

Integrity Laser is located in Merrimack, New Hampshire. They are a job shop and gift business owned and operated by Jeff Muster. Integrity Laser operates in multiple market segments catering to the needs of both large volume clients and one-off gifts throughout the United States. Large companies frequently employ them for services, such as 2D matrix coding, nameplate engraving, R&D, and logo marking on various substrates. Small companies will often enlist them to help get their personalization business off the ground. Integrity Laser assists small start-ups by handling order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping until they have enough ROI to purchase their own system. Recently they began to expand into a gift shop offering finished items for purchase at a local craft market.

Integrity Laser dramatically increases throughput with a Trotec

Integrity Laser began with sublimation and mechanical rotary engravers. They found that the set-up time was long, and the printers were always clogging, which led them to their first laser purchase nine years ago. Integrity Laser quickly saw the results. Trotec Laser allowed for faster response times than their previous technologies, drastically increasing their throughput and ultimately opening the opportunity to expand their customer base. Now, their line-up consists of 17 different Trotec lasers and 15 employees. The increased business has allowed them to employ great people from all walks of life. Jeff hopes to continue to grow both his team and his Trotec collection.

When it comes to a flatbed laser, there is no way I'm even going to look at brands other than Trotec

One of the primary benefits of their Trotec Speedy systems is their ability to quickly process a large number of drinking glasses. Their previous system had only 2G acceleration. With Trotec’s 5G acceleration, it took a 10-minute cycle time down to 6 minutes per glass. They also love the versatility of the Trotec rotary attachment because it allows for full-height engraving as well as 360-degree circumference. When they purchased a SpeedMarker fiber galvo laser marking system, they were shocked at the ease and quality of transferring photographs onto various types of metal and plastic.

Trotec Materials are used frequently in Integrity Laser's gift business. The ease of processing Trotec’s wood and signage materials is unmatched. The quality is always consistent permitting us to process a stack of materials without continuously having to adjust the parameters in JobControl.

Jeff Muster
Owner and Manager

Trotec's InPack Technology™ is a crucial part of their glass processing

In addition to improving throughput and being able to quickly process glassware with their rotary, Jeff stated that one of the first things he noticed that differentiated Trotec from other companies was the InPack Technology - the company's low-maintenance design. This design encloses critical system-sensitive components in a rugged housing, protecting from dust and debris, which drastically reduces the need for maintenance, increases product life, and improves processing results. Due to the volume of debris produced, this proved to be essential for the glass processing side of their business.

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