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IKONICS Imaging is the world leader in total sandcarving solutions. Their headquarters is located in Duluth, Minnesota, and they operate with a Trotec Speedy 300 80 watt CO2 laser. They manufacture sandcarving equipment and materials. Alongside their extensive product offerings, they also take pride in the various resources they offer to businesses across the country, which includes training and support of business expansion. Their customers range anywhere from the awards and personalization markets all the way to the architectural and automotive markets. Their Speedy 300 has increased the accuracy and productivity for prototyping and stencil designs.

Creating a new laser film

IKONICS Imaging makes a laserable film to use in conjunction with their sandcarving equipment. This laser film creates a protective barrier for the materials that will be sandcarved, such as glass, stone, or metal. The material is placed in a laser, and a design is cut into the laser film, creating a stencil. From there, the design can be sandcarved while the laser film protects the rest of the material, leaving a beautifully detailed design.
About a year and a half ago, they discovered that their green laser film had some limitations. The film had a very aggressive adhesive, and as a result, it was difficult to readjust, and it was significantly stretchy, making it difficult to produce fine details. Based on this customer feedback, they decided to develop a new and improved laserable film. Their Speedy 300 allowed them to perform thorough testing of their new laser film prototypes, eventually resulting in a brand new line of laser film perfectly tailored to meet their customers' application needs. They used the laser to test the new film to make sure it burned clean and was capable of creating high-resolution images. Their new laser film is not as stretchy as their previous laser film, allowing for dimensional stability. It also peels off with ease, making readjustments and color filling simple.

With the quality of IKONICS Imaging sandcarving equipment, when we got our Trotec Laser we were very pleased with the quality because it matched what we see in our sandcarving equipment. With the support that we get from the Trotec staff, any questions that we have, has been amazing.

Dan Kamben
Formulation Chemist

Sandcarving and laser engraving: the perfect partnership

Trotec Laser has a partnership with IKONICS Imaging and JDS Industries to create unique educational seminars centered around three popular types of business technologies- sandcarving, laser engraving, and sublimation. These seminars cover the basics of material processing and business expansion through lectures and hands-on training. Attendees learn the best way to integrate the different technologies together to sell items in the awards, promotional products, and giftware markets.

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