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How Trotec Laser is Responding to COVID-19

Published on: 03/18/2020 Author: Trotec Laser

We Are Here for You

Dear Trotec Family,

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in Trotec Laser during this difficult time. Our commitment and responsibility towards you remains strong as we face the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Trotec is continuously monitoring the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, and we are going above and beyond to keep our clients, employees, showrooms and production facilicites safe. We would like to inform you of what actions we are taking to continuously support our Trotec family, whilst ensuring the safety of everyone:

In accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and governmental recommendations, we have decided to temporarily close select Trotec facilities. As a result, a number of our teams are now working remotely. In addition we have implemented additional robust safety and hygiene protocols in our manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and showrooms.

In spite of the challenges brought about by COVID-19, Trotec laser remains committed to delivering the same high standard of care for our clients. We are committed to supporting you in driving your business forward during this adversity.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Andreas Penz
Managing Director

DI Martin Rehling
Managing Director

Peter Kratky
Managing Director



  • We can deliver your laser to you either direct from our factory or via the stock held in each of our local subsidiary's.
  • We will deliver your laser already pre-set up and we can go through the final stages of the installation and training with you via video link and TeamViewer if necessary, so we can have you fully operational immediately.
  • We are working closely with our supply chain to ensure continuity of services and raw materials to ensure the pandemic has minimal impact for both yours and our businesses.
  • We have machine stock in every one of our local subsidaries, which we can draw on at any time.

Laser demos available

Laser machines:

  • We continue to offer full demonstrations on our entire portfolio of Laser machines, and these are both offered in our hygienically clean showrooms (complete with robust hand washing and cleaning facilities for all) and by working within the current guidelines re social distancing and via video link.
  • For those who don't want to or cannot travel or those who are homeworking themselves, we are also offering demonstrations via our online 'live demos', allowing us to demonstrate our laser machines in front of you fully, via video link, on a wide range of platforms, so that we can continue to illustrate our machines best-in-class abilities and provide you with specific samples if required (all samples are hygienically cleaned before being sent to you) that can be completed in front of you during the online demonstration.
  • These demonstrations can be offered from 30 minutes to 2 hour presentation slots, dependent on your needs.
  • We will be offering some exceptional promotions to help our clients prepare to drive their businesses forward again. Please keep checking our email communication and website.

If you would like to book your online demo, please contact us and we will arrange a suitable time for you.

Laserable Consumables available

Laser Consumables:

  • Our Laserable Consumables departments are fully operational, allowing us to provide you with your consumable products as normal, either via our Consumables website, or via the phone or email locally in each country and are still available to give you exactly the same support as you are used to.
  • Our normal Consumable services are still fully available, including Cut to Size etc.
  • We are working with our delivery partners to ensure a swift and responsive delivery service for you as normal.
  • All consumables staff work within our very strict guidelines on hygiene protocol.

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Technical Support

Technical Support:

  • Our Technical Support teams remain fully operational to support you during this time.
  • We are maximising our support via TeamViewer whenever possible so that we can continue to help you quickly and efficiently and our technicians are fully available via phone or e-mail as well as video link.
  • We are suggesting than non-essential visits, for example, service work and training is postponed at the moment and rebooked for later, however, training sessions can still be offered via video link where needed.
  • If a solution cannot be found via TeamViewer and telephone/video support, in some countries our Technical Service team is still mobile and operational within the specific countries Public Health guidelines, however, we ask both our staff and our clients to take the necessary hygiene protocols and we ask to allow our staff to work on their own and we all maintain at least 2 meters safe distance at all times to avoid any airborne infection.
  • If a site visit isn't an option, we will also be happy to accept your machine back to our local Technical Service workshops, located in every one of our subsidiaries, so we can identify the fault, resolve it and send your machine back to you quickly and efficiently. Please note: Local shipping charges may apply.
  • We have complete stocks of our Technical Service parts both at our Production facilities in Austria and also on the ground in all of our local subsidiaries, so if you need a lens, filter or anything else, we can provide them all fully for you quickly and efficiently.

Contact your local technical support

We would again like to thank you for your continued support throughout this unique period, we will continue to be there for you and we look forward to staying in touch with you.

Wishing you all to stay healthy and safe at all times,
Your Trotec Laser Team

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