JobControl® 11.2 is Now Available

JobControl® Cut, OptiMotion+, and Many Other Features

Published on: 09/20/2019

The latest version of JobControl® (v11.2) will be available for download on November 11, 2019. JobControl® 11.2 contains a range of new and enhanced features, which allow users to obtain faster and more higher-quality laser cutting and engraving results.

  • Advanced cutting capabilities with JobControl® Cut
  • Quicker and better-quality results with with OptiMotion™+ motion control
  • Improved accuracy with JobTime Calculator
  • Precise large-format laser registration mark processing with JobControl® Vision
  • More convenience with an updated JobControl® remote interface

JobControl® Cut

The launch of JobControl® 11.2 coincides with the debut of JobControl® Cut 1.0, a fully-integrated artwork editor designed to enhance laser cutting. By using JobControl® Cut, users are able to achieve better results in less time.

A number of features allow users to edit cut line nodes and colours directly in JobControl® to optimize each job. What's more, JobControl® Cut allows users to add kerf corrections, as well as lead-in and lead-out points, to achieve exceptional cut quality. With regards to operating time, JobControl® Cut calculates the fastest processing sequence to minimize run time.

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Proven Fastest Laser Engraver in Its Class: 4.3 m/s Engraving Speed

With Trotec's proprietary OptiMotion™ motion control technology, the Speedy 400 is already the fastest laser cutter in its class. The new OptiMotion™+ enhancement now also makes the Speedy 400 the fastest in-class laser engraver, with a 4.3 m/s (170 in/s) engraving speed. This update also permits users to attain a 2540 dpi maximum resolution — now even 4 pt fonts can be made easily legible.

Maximum 2540 dpi Resolution: Setting New Standards in Precision

OptiMotion™+ also enables all models in the Speedy series to fire 2,540 times per inch, meaning that users can achieve a 2,540 dpi image resolution. At this resolution, a higher level of laser energy can be applied to the same  engraving area (more than 2.54 times the energy applied to achieve a 1,000 dpi). As a result, aluminum can now be annealed, and high-resolution screen printing clichés can be made. 

MeshEngraving: Optimal Engraving Results at Top Speeds

A laser can oscillate when it is engraving at very high speeds, which results in the formation of bands or stripes on a workpiece. To avoid this issue, Trotec has devised a patented MeshEngraving function in JobControl® 11.2. This feature changes the engraving direction, or the order in which engraving lines are made, to ensure exceptional results when engraving a workpiece at top speeds.

JobTime Calculator, JobControl® Vision and Remote Interface

JobTime Calculator

JobTime Calculator, which allows users to view cutting and engraving times prior to starting a job, has been updated to provide more accurate timelines.

JobControl® Vision

The JobControl® Vision update allows the SP2000 and SP3000 laser systems to read registration marks more quickly and accurately. The laser head on these models now moved in a manner that enlarges the camera's field of view.

Remote Interface

JobControl® also offers a new remote interface. This enables users to easily integrate their Trotec laser into production environments.

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