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Published on: 07/25/2019 Author: Simone Nuspl

New Speedy 400 Video

The redesigned Speedy 400 offers unparalleled laser cutting and engraving productivity. The system's robust build, ergonomic design, and JobControl® laser system software compatibility enable you to easily process a broad range of materials with precision.

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Highest Productivity

The Speedy 400 is the fastest laser engraver on the market with an engraving speed of 4.2 m/sec and acceleration of 5g. The revolutionary OptiMotion™ motion control also allows cutting jobs to be carried out six times faster than comparable laser machines on the market. This results in increased production efficiency and higher throughput for maximum profit with flawless quality.

With up to 250 watts of laser power, the new Speedy 400 engraves and cuts even faster. And thicker materials can also be processed.

Flexbility by Design

With Trotec's patented flexx Technology™, both C02 and fibre laser sources can be integrated in a single Speedy 400 system. This functionality allows users to vastly expand their laser processing capabilities and product offerings. Additionally, multiple workpieces comprised of different materials can be cut and engraved at once without without the need to manually change the laser source, lens, or focus settings. 

The Speedy 400's ergonomic lid and front panel design minimizes physical strain when loading and unloading workpieces and system components, such as work tables and rotary attachments. In effect, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. 

Another key Speedy 400 feature is the LED dynamic status display bar situated on the lid, which shows job progress. The display bar also indicates system status (i.e., whether the system is turned on, idle, or turned off), which laser source is activated, if and there is a processing error.