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New options for the SpeedMarker series

Published on: 01/23/2018 Author: Bernd Kerbl

New options for the SpeedMarker series

From now on, there are new options available for the SpeedMarker series marking lasers. Since these features have successfully been included in certain customer projects, they are now ready for the laser workstations or SpeedMarker FL OEM lasers.

100 watt MOPA laser

In combination with industrial customers last year, we successfully tested a 100 Watt laser source and now offer it as an option for SpeedMarker fiber lasers. For you, this means an increase in productivity, as higher power makes for significantly shorter laser processing times. This means shorter cycle times times for traditional marking and quicker deep engraving on metals. Particularly in industries where sturdy and reliable markings on heavily loaded parts are necessary, higher laser power quickly pays itself off. Applications, for example, could include the automotive industry, aircraft technology, machining technology, mining and related supplier industries.

More power, proven MOPA technology

We rely on proven MOPA technology for the introduction of our 100W laser source. With changeable pulse durations, the laser allows for more application options like marking and engraving metals and plastics. As well, the advantages of a conventional fiber laser still apply to MOPA lasers: maintenance-free, long lasting, air-cooled,  stable performance and high efficiency. The new laser source is available for the SpeedMarker 700, SpeedMarker 1300 laser workstations and OEM SpeedMarker FL. Similarly to the other laser sources in the SpeedMarker series, five different optics and marking fields are each available to allow for the proper setup of every application and marking requirement.

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Wide-opening door for laser workstations

Additionally, there is a high-lift gate for the large SpeedMarker 700 and SpeedMarker 1300 laser workstations. Among other things, it makes it easier to install the rotary unit 2 in them. The large, wide-opening safety door allows for perfect accessibility during manual loading. The door automatically opens and closes and may be used in automatic mode as well. Even with the high-open front, a regular ceiling height of 7.9 ft will definitely suffice.

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