Metallic Butterfly Wall Decoration

Add a hint of glamour to your space with metallic butterfly wall decorations. Whether you're planning to decorate a living room or a special event venue, these Lepidoptera are sure to attract attention!


  • 1 40" x 24" sheet of European Gold Brushed/Black TroLase Thins
  • 1 roll of double-sided wall mounting tape
Trotec Laser and Accessories
  • Speedy 400 (120 W)
  • 2" lens
  • Nozzle with large hole diameter
  • Aluminum cutting grid table or honeycomb cutting support

NOTE: Depending on the size of your wall decorations, another laser system from the Speedy series can be used for your project.


The laser processing parameters specified in Step 2 (i.e., engravings in black, cutting lines in red) are intended for a Speedy 400 laser system. The cutting duration is approximately 3 minutes, while the engraving process is completed in roughly 35 minutes. If you want to keep production time to a minimum, you can adjust the processing parameters so that the engraving Process is set to Skip. In other words, only the red cut lines will be processed, while the time-consuming minute engravings will not.

In order to maximize your use of the the TroLase Thins sheet, you can add 6 smaller butterflies (level 2, blue lines) to your design template. Be sure to adjust the processing parameter settings for the blue cutting lines according to your quality requirements. If you prefer for the entire decoration's backing to stick to your wall, you can order a TroLase Thins sheet with self-adhesive foil on the reverse side.

Wall Sticker Butterfly


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Step by Step

Step 1

Step 1: Prepare the Artwork

Create your own design, or download our template and make any desired adjustments. Send the finalized artwork to JobControl® using the print settings below.

Print Settings

Process Resolution Cutting line
Relief 500dpi none
Raster Other
- Optimized geometries, inner geometries first
Step 2

Step 2: Laser Process the TroLase Thins Sheet

Remove the protective film from the surface of the TroLase Thins sheet. Place the material - with the gold side up - on the aluminum grid table in your laser. Tape the edges of the sheet to the table to prevent the material from moving while it is being processed.

Next, proceed to enter the laser engraving parameters and run the job.

NOTE: The optimal processing parameters may vary depending on your laser system's available wattage.

Processing Parameters

Color Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Black Engraving CO2 40 65 500
Red Cutting CO2 30 3.2 1000
Passes Air assist Z-Offset direction Path planning Advanced
1 ON +1 bottom to top - optimized quality, correction: 5
1 ON - - throughput correction: 5
Step 3

Step 3: Assembly

Once the cutting and engraving job is finished, remove the butterfly cutout from your laser's work area. Gently clean the cutout with a soft, damp cloth to remove any residue. If your TroLase Thins sheet does not have an adhesive backing, add wall mounting tape to the reverse side of the cutout. If your sheet has an adhesive backing, carefully peel away the protective film.

Finally, affix the metallic butterfly decoration to your wall as desired.

More Ideas

  • Create flower-shaped wall stickers to accompany your butterfly decorations
  • Use different TroLase combinations and inlays to create butterflies that can be found in your city or region

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