Customized Wedding Candle Holder

Offer your clients the option to personalize glass candle holders for their wedding. Candle holders not only serve as table decorations, but they can also be given to guests to thank them for attending the celebration.

glass lantern wedding decoration


  • Glass candle holder (4" high)
  • Candle (3" high)
  • Paper towel
Trotec Laser and Accessories

You can use any laser system from the Speedy series to complete this project.


We recommend using a damp paper towel when engraving glass. This technique allows you to achieve defined engravings that are white in colour. In addition, the damp paper towel dissipates heat applied to the surface of the glass object, which prevents the formation of cracks.

To prepare the candle holder, you will need a paper towel sheet, some water, and a sponge or spray bottle. Place a single, thin paper towel layer on the area you wish to engrave. Moisten the paper towel with the sponge or spray bottle. Prior to placing the candle holder on your laser's work area, make sure that the paper towel does not contain any folds or air bubbles.

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Step by Step

Step 1

Step 1: Prepare the Design

Create your own design, or download our template (below) and make any desired adjustments. Send the finalized artwork to JobControl® using the print settings below.

Print Settings

Process mode  Resolution Cut line
Standard 500dpi none
Halftone Others
Color Optimized Geometries
Step 2

Step 2: Engrave the Candle Holder

Position the glass candle holder on the vacuum table. We recommend placing the candle holder on a sheet of paper to prevent scratching. To attain a high-quality engraving, the engraving surface should be flat (i.e., non-beveled). If your candle holder has a beveled shape, you may wish to lift its "lower" end by placing miniature cardboard or acrylic slats underneath (see image to the left).

Next, proceed to enter the laser engraving parameters and engrave the candle holder. In order to prevent the paper towel from drying, we suggest deactivating the vacuum table's suction force during the engraving process.

NOTE: The optimal processing parameters may vary depending on your laser system's available wattage.

Laser Parameters

Color Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
black Engrave CO2 90 100 500 ppi
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Direction Advanced
1 Off - Top down -
Step 3

Step 3: Clean the Engraved Candle Holder

When the engraving process is complete, remove the candle holder from the laser's work area. Carefully wipe the engraved surface with a damp cloth, and remove any remaining paper towel pieces.

Finally, place the candle in the candle holder.

More Ideas

  • Engrave individual candle holders with each wedding guest's name
  • Use different coloured candles to create creative tablescapes
  • For a consistent aesthetic, use similar designs for other wedding items, such as invitations, napkin decorations, and place cards

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