Felt slippers

All you need to create these beautiful slippers for yourself or friends is simple artificial felt, needle, a thread and of course your Trotec laser.


Required material
  • Artificial Felt, Green, 1/8" (approx. 17" x 13")
  • Artificial Felt, Gray, 1/8" (approx. 9" x 12")
  • Material to cover the engraving table (e.g. paper)
  • Needle and thread
Machine used
  • Speedy 360
  • 80 Watt, 2" lens

For this sample, any laser machine from the Speedy series can be used.

  • Don't use too much laser power for cutting the felt as the cut edges will not be of the best quality if the power is too strong.
  • The honeycomb cutting table top will help you achieve the best results. For even better results, use it in combination with the vacuum table.


Download now


Download now

Step by Step

Step 1

Step 1: Import /create design template

Import our design template into your graphic program or make your own design. The template corresponds to a shoe size of 6.5/7.5. If you need a different size, make sure to edit the file accordingly. Send the sole and top parts files to the laser one at a time.

Step 2

Step 2: Laser process

Put the green (or any colour) felt into the laser. Cover the rest of the table with sheets to maximize the exhaust power and cutting results. Engrave and cut the soles and the top parts out of the felt. Then cut the soles a second time out of the gray felt.

Laser Parameters:

Color Process  Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
black engrave CO2 30 100 500
red cut CO2 10 1 100
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Advanced
1 on 2 -
1 on - -


  • You will find the parameter file for JobControl at the end of the article.
  • The Z-offset during engraving will melt the material and give it a nice glossy appearance. 
Step 3

Step 3: Post-processing

Put the gray sole, the green sole and the green top part above each other with the help of the positioning marks that were engraved by the laser. Finally, sew the three parts together. Thanks to the laser cut holes made in the design, this step should be extremely easy.


  • If you would like to give these amazing slippers as a gift, the Trotec laser allows you to add the recipients' names on the slippers simply and quickly. The serial print function of CorelDraw allows you to add a complete list of different names automatically.
  • You can also create a giant slipper for storage by enlarging the design.

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