Acrylic distance holders

When cutting many materials (e.g. acrylic, wood), reflections on the back must be avoided as much as possible. Besides special cutting tables , it also helps to increase the distance between the material and the table.

Cut simple distance holders for your aluminum grid table from acrylic leftovers. The distance holders are designed to fit comfortably into the grid of the aluminum grid table. 

Here you can find cutting files for different acrylic spacers.


Required material
  • leftover acrylic min. thickness 6mm, we use 10mm
Machine used:
  • Speedy 400
  • 120 watts
  • 2,5" lens
  • Aluminum Cutting Grid Table, Honeycomb Tabletop or  Acrylic Gutting Grid
This sample can also be made on any machine from the Speedy series.
Distance holders


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Step by step

Step 1


Import our template and adapt it to your requirements.

With "Create job" move the design to the "Prepare" screen. 

Step 2

Laser process

Place the job to the desired position and adapt the settings.
The laser parameters may vary depending on the type of laser machine and available laser power.
Send the job to the "Queue" for Laser processing.

Inner geometries first: Off
Skip overlapping cut lines: Off

Effect Cut Speed
Process Cut
Layers red
Power (%) 95
Speed (%) 0,2
Hz 1000
Source CO2
Air Assist On
Z-offset -3mm
Passes  1
Power Correction 10
Path Planning Standard
Step 3


If still on, remove the protective sheet and place the distence holdern in the aliminum cutting grid table.


Use different shapes for more or less area of support.

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