What laser training does Trotec offer?

Training for beginner laser users

We already teach you the basics when you begin your investment in your laser machine. Trotec will continue to support you with training that takes you even further. Depending on the kind of course that you choose, the seminars we give will show basic theoretical laser principles, software training and practical uses with multiple laser machines and a variety of materials. Our courses, such as JobControl Basics, CorelDraw and Finding the Right Laser Parameters, are popular with beginners. Participants enjoy using our training to enhance their experience with their lasers. They learn, for example, how to ease their workflow and prepare files to work quicker.

Training for advanced laser users

After first experiencing a laser machine, courses such as photo engraving, acrylic cutting and wood processing with lasers become our most popular items. Beginning with the basic, fundamental knowledge, you will then learn how to get more accurate laser cuts and engravings, as well as which parameters will provide the most impressive effects on a material.
We will teach you which graphics work best, why you should use different resolutions in different situations, how to get different levels of discolouration on wood, and a lot more beyond that. More about Trotec Academy

Tips on the website

Time is money—this phrase often also applies to your customers' orders. That's why Trotec also provides a large set of content accessible 24/7 alongside physical, scheduled on-site training. Peruse the knowledge section of our website to read our answers to frequently asked questions, gain creative ideas and learn to create products from a large range of material. It's worth it to regularly check our knowledge section, as we are constantly adding new content. DIY samples Tips & Tricks

Video instructions on YouTube

We provide training videos, tutorials and application ideas on our Youtube channel. There, you can discover new tips and tricks for using your Trotec laser machine. Or, you can be inspired by the many templates and creative applications that we present. Click below to see our Youtube channel: Trotec Laser on YouTube

Contact for training

Interested in learning from a course that we provide in our seminar program? Or, maybe you want an individualized seminar, designed specifically for your needs? Reach out to us so that we can consider together the best solution for you and your company. Contact Us
Trotec is happy to provide you with training that maximizes your efficiency with lasers and their supplies. Use our resources to get tips, tricks and ideas for possible laser applications, information on how to work with new materials or tips to improve your workflow.

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