How long does it take to being operating a Trotec laser?

After half a day of training you can get started

The operation of a Trotec laser is easy to learn. As a general rule, half a day of training is enough to start laser engraving and cutting.

The control panel on the laser can be explained to anyone within 5 minutes. The mechanical settings can also be explained within a short time. The essential part of the training is the handling of the JobControl® laser software. Its intuitive user interface means you can learn how to use it within a few hours. The three modes of the JobControl® software are based on the needs of the user: There is a beginner, advanced and expert mode.

As soon as we set up your laser in your office or production area, you will receive the initial training. This training lasts about half a day. It includes all basic laser and software functions. After this initial training, you can engrave and cut a large selection of impressive products using the laser.

Initial training during laser installation.

When installing your laser, our service technicians will carry out the training. The training lasts three to four hours and consists of two parts: the handling of the machine and the operation of the laser software. These topics will be covered:

Initial training during laser installation

Laser machine (hardware)

  • Safe handling of the laser
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Replacing laser lenses and nozzles
  • Replacing the processing table

JobControl® laser software

  • Data transfer from the graphics software to the laser software
  • Print settings for the laser process
  • Selection of the right laser parameters depending on the material
  • Tips for saving time

How far can you get with 4 hours of laser training?

The four-hour basic training course is designed so that you can produce and sell products as fast as possible with your laser. That’s why our training focuses on the laser applications that are relevant to you. After the training, depending on your needs, you will be able to make these products:

  • Signs for indoor and outdoor use (e.g. door signs, name tags)
  • Decorations and models made of wood (e.g. pendants, toys)
  • Precisely cut acrylic parts (e.g. displays, letters)
  • Markings on metal and plastic products (e.g. promotional items)
Trotec Academy offers advanced laser training courses

What advanced training does Trotec offer?

With our “Trotec Academy” we offer regular training on specific topics. Popular topics include advanced training in acrylic processing, wood processing or photo engraving with the laser. The aim of these seminars is, on one hand, to deepen your laser knowledge and, on the other hand, to increase your product range.
We are also happy to work out individual trainings for you tailored to your interests and products.

Training offer

Application tips and inspiration.

In addition to our trainings, we offer an extensive knowledge portal on our website. Our know-how section is constantly updated and covers our customers’ most frequently asked questions. And in our “DIY laser patterns” section you will find a selection of more than 100 products including instructions and graphic files to download.

Tips & Tricks

DIY samples with graphic files

In addition to the information on our website you will also find lots of tips and inspiration on our YouTube channel

Trotec Youtube Channel

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