Laser machine as an alternative to the milling machine

Laser technology is a future-proof technology that enables new business models, additional sales, high quality and productivity. The advantages of the laser machine are particularly evident when processing acrylic.

This eBook explores the “milling” and “laser cutting” technologies.

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These 12 questions are covered in this ebook:

  1. How does a laser machine work?
  2. The two types of processing:  Milling versus laser cutting
  3. A time comparison of the process steps of both technologies
  4. What are the clear advantages of the laser machine over the milling machine?
  5. What are the advantages of a milling machine?
  6. What can you do with a laser machine - what are fields of application?
  7. How do large-format laser machines of the Trotec SP series work for large-scale materials?
  8. Which materials can you process with the laser machine?
  9. Which materials can NOT be processed?
  10. What can a laser cutter do for your business - how can this be expanded?
  11. Why is laser cutting profitable?
  12. Are you thinking about starting a laser business? What should you consider when buying a laser machine?
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