automated laser cutter GS12

GS Series Paper Cutting Laser

Laser system for high-speed laser cutting and high volume paper finishing

Customize your products with laser cutting and engraving

Get extra value for your printed materials; achieve greater profit margins with laser finishing. No matter if it's business cards, brochures, packaging or labels, laser cutting or engraving raises both the quality and selling price for your products. By engraving logos or laser cutting names and complex ornaments you can easily highlight yourself from the rest of the competition.

GS1200 - Automated laser system GS1000 - Galvo laser workstation

Widen the scope of your services with a laser system

The GS series allows you to make items that otherwise wouldn't be possible without a laser system. Expand your scope with extra services like register-accurate contour cutting, engraving of the most delicate shapes or perforation of printed products. By doing this, even short runs can be highly profitable.

  • High returns on investment including with short runs
  • Incredibly intricate paper cuts and engravings

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Technical data

Laser type: Galvo CO₂ laser
Work area: 19.6 x 19.6 inches
Laser power: 100 watt, super-pulsed

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GS1200 - See how it works

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GS1200 – Automated Laser Cutting System for high-volume Paper Converting

Cutting / Kiss-Cutting / Perforating / Engraving / Personalization

The GS1200 is an automatic machine with a flat pile feeder, an automated paper path and a sheet stacker. The system's design is meant to guarantee complete reliability and the best cutting quality. Alongside other features, the feeder and paper path both have ultrasonic sensors installed to avoid a paper jam malfunction.  During the patent-pending "free-floating" laser cutting process, the paper is held up laterally with only brackets and is therefore lasered free-floating. This is entirely unique within the industry. The sheet stacker makes sure that even the most delicately cut paper products are carefully stacked with no jamming.
Net speed: 1,800 sheets per hour

"Cutting on air" laser processing (patent pending)

With our patent-pending "in air" laser cutting method, paper is laterally held only by brackets and then lasered free-floating in the air. Thanks to this, any unwanted laser beam reflections that could have hurt the cutting quality are prevented. Additionally, waste from cutting is instantly removed by gravity and falls away, letting the final paper product be stacked without issue. The clamping holder also makes sure that the paper is constantly stable and perfectly in focus, guaranteeing great results with the best quality.

SpeedMark Vision: Camera-supported registration mark recognition

The SpeedMark Vision uses one camera (GS1000) or two cameras (GS1200) to find registration marks that have been printed on the edge of the paper. Registration marks allow the SpeedMark Vision software to figure out the position and rotation of the printed paper sheets within the laser's working area. Additionally, the smart program can find and detect any distortions in the paper. It changes the cutting path as needed and avoids missing any cuts, an expensive mistake. A perfectly cut or engraved first-rate end product is certain.

GS1000 – More than just paper

Laser workstation for many applications

The GS1000 laser workstation can quickly laser process a variety of materials. Thanks to the CO2 laser's large working area of up to 19.7 x 19.7 inches, many different materials like acrylic, paper, cardboard, textiles, fleece, wood, MDF, polystyrene or foam can be cut or engraved.

The GS1000 can get speeds up to 50 times faster than flatbed systems, depending on the project. Additionally, the GS1000 gives a greater focus tolerance so that small imperfections in the material will not have a huge effect on the engraving result. When cutting thinner materials like films, a galvo laser can easily show off its speed advantage over flatbed lasers.

Perfect finishing thanks to register accuracy

Registration mark detection makes it so that printed paper can be intricately cut and engraved. Deviations from the printing template are seen by the SpeedMark Vision program, which automatically changes the cutting path in response. The cutting lines will always completely match the printing.

Shuttle table for GS1000

To raise productivity even higher, the GS1000 can also be equipped with a shuttle table. The shuttle table lets the operator take the end product from the second processing table during laser processing and prepare the next item for processing at the same time.