laser engraving on cardboard

Lasercut and engraved
Christmas trees

Step by step guide

We show you how to make a personalized Christmas tree with simple cardboard.
In the PDF template you will find 2 versions: Our big Christmas tree, roughly 3 ft tall, and a smaller version that can be used as a table decoration in any size.


Big Christmas Tree:

  • Required material: 3/16" Corrugated cardboard
  • Trotec laser: SP500, 200 watts

Small Christmas Tree:

  • Required material: 1/16" corrugated cardboard
  • Trotec laser used: Speedy 300, 30 watts, 2.0 inch lens

Step by Step

Step 1: Big Christmas Tree

We used a SP500 laser to cut our Christmas tree and 5 pieces of 51.2" x 29.5" cardboard. You can customize the design of the tree according to your wishes—let your imagination run wild! After cutting out the parts, you need to put them together. This guide shows how to assemble the tree. Download the manual here.

Furthermore, this tree can be decorated with classic Christmas ornaments—of course, it is also very decorative without any balls or glitter.

Step 2: Laser parameters for the big tree (3/16" cardboard)

Laser Settings

Cutting: Power: 85% - Speed: 2% - Frequency: 1000 Hz - Air-Assist: ON - Z-Offset: -1.5mm


The tree is connected without any hooks or glue, so you can take it apart and use the tree for next year.

Step 3: Small decoration tree

This small Christmas tree is made of two parts which are plugged into each other. You can choose the size of the Christmas tree as you like—for example, our trees in the photo are 4.7" high.

Step 4: Laser parameters for the small tree (1/16" cardboard)

Laser Settings

Engraving: Power: 40% - Speed: 100% - Frequency: 500ppi - Z-Offset: 6mm -Air-Assist: ON
Cutting: Power: 20% - Speed: 1% - Frequency: 1000 Hz - Air-Assist: ON


Use the vacuum table with the honeycomb tabletop for cutting and engraving the cardboard.

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