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Read About How Trotec's Speedy 360 is Used for Industrial Manufacturing

Published on: 03/21/2018

About PROMOT Automation

PROMOT Automation is an Austrian industrial machine manufacturer specializing in material-handling technology. The company supplies automated mechanical cutting systems and services to both manufacturers and users. PROMOT's three main fields of business are:

  • Workpiece handling
  • Pallet handling
  • Tool handling

The Upper Austrian company services international clients in the automotive, aircraft, tool, and mechanical engineering markets. PROMOT currently employs over 250 people, and 95% of its output is exported.

PROMOT Automation's Challenge

PROMOT produces between 200 and 250 automated systems each year. Several hundred tags and data plates may be added to a single system during the manufacturing process. In exceptional cases, a system is equipped with up to 1,000 plates.

Prior to investing in a Trotec laser system, PROMOT outsourced plate marking to external providers. However, due to the large volume of plates consumed by the company, the decision was made bring the marking process in-house. 

"We opted for the Speedy Laser from Trotec because it offered the best price-performance ratio. The TroCare Service Package and the proximity of Trotec Laser also had a strong influence on our purchase decision. Since then, Trotec has proven to be the right choice for PROMOT."
- Johannes Neubacher - Manager of Electrical Design at PROMOT -

The Trotec Solution

Since 2016, PROMOT Automation has been using a Trotec Speedy 360 (CO2) laser to process industrial tags and plates, which are mainly comprised of double-layered laminate or anodised aluminum. Ten of the company's staff members operate the laser system on a regular basis.

Seamless Integration with Existing Processes

PROMOT's production planners are able to send plate requests directly from their inventory planning software to the Speedy 360. No additional software integrations are necessary.

Additionally, the laser settings are recorded for all materials processed, further simplifying the laser engraving process for the company's manufacturing department.

Trotec Speedy Laser Series

Trotec's Speedy laser engraving and cutting systems are the ideal choice for industrial marking applications. The patented flexx™ technology allows endless material processing possibilities. 

Read About the Speedy Series

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