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How long does it take to being operating a Trotec laser?

You Can Get Started After a Half-Day Training Session

As soon as we set up your Trotec laser in your office or production area, you will receive initial training from one of our technical support specialists. This training session lasts approximately half a day, and it encompasses all of the basic laser and software functions, such as mechanical settings and control panel options. You will also receive a JobControl® laser software tutorial, which is essential to operating your machine. JobControl® has an intuitive user interface, and it is developed for three user types: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


Once you complete the training session, you can begin engraving and cutting a large selection of materials using your laser.

Initial Training During Laser Installation

After installing your laser, our technical specialists will provide an introductory training session. The training is three to four hours in duration, and it is delivered two parts: the machine handling and software operation.


The following topics will be covered:

Laser Machine (Hardware)

  • Safe laser handling 
  • Machine maintenance and cleaning
  • Replacing laser lenses and nozzles
  • Replacing the processing table

JobControl® Laser Software

  • Data transfer from a graphics software to the laser software
  • Print settings for the laser process
  • Selection of the right laser parameters (based on processing material)
  • Tips for saving time

How Far Can You Get with 4 Hours of Laser Training?

Trotec's four-hour basic training session is designed so that you can process materials as quickly as possible with your laser. That’s why each session is customized to cover the laser applications that are most relevant to your needs. The following are examples of products and etchings that you will be able to create after completing your training session:

  • Signs for indoor and outdoor use (e.g., door signs, name tags)
  • Decorations and models made of wood (e.g., pendants, toys)
  • Precisely-cut acrylic parts (e.g., displays, letters)
  • Markings on metal and plastic products (e.g., promotional items)

What Advanced Training Does Trotec Offer?

We offer regular training on various topics through our Trotec Laser Canada Academy. Popular topics include advanced training on acrylic processing, wood processing or photo engraving with the laser. The aim of these seminars is two-fold:

  • Deepening your laser knowledge to get the most out of your laser
  • Expanding your product offerings to boost your business

We are also able to develop training sessions that are personalized to suit your specific preferences and needs.

Click here to learn more about Trotec Laser Canada Academy.

Application tips and inspiration

In addition to training sessions, we offer an extensive knowledge portal on our website, which is consistently updated. The following sections of our website offer abundant information on laser operating best practices and how you can create a wide range of products with your machine:

In addition to the resources available on Trotec Laser Canada's website, you will also find plenty of tips and inspiration on our YouTube channel:

Trotec Youtube Channel

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