What financing options are available?

Buying a laser machine is typically a long term, well thought out commitment. With Trotec, we provide a multitude of payment models to help you finance your machine. Read below about Trotec leasing and payments.

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Lease a Trotec laser machine

Leasing provides many benefits:

  • Tax benefits: Leases count as a business expense and can be deducted from your taxable income
  • Neutral on balance sheet: Leases don't have any effect on your capital asset ratio or debt
  • Planning security: The amount you pay and for how long is fixed on a contract when you buy the laser

The largest benefit of leasing, though, is that you need only a small equity to purchase a laser. Immediately after purchase, you can use your laser to make money. The machine essentially pays for itself.

Monthly installment payments with a Trotec laser

You can lease a smaller Trotec flatbed laser at a low cost. For only $15 CAD a day, or $450 CAD a month, you can use the laser to grow your business and provide new items and services to your customers.
This means that if you simply sell only three engraved trophy cups, three company name plates and three glass engravings that month, you can pay off the monthly lease for your machine. In our DIY samples page, you can find a vast library of instructions and templates for different items you could potentially make and sell.
Contact us below to find out more about our payment models. We would even be happy to set up a custom financing plan for you, depending on your situation.

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Installment payments

In addition to our leasing models, we also have custom solutions for purchase payment agreements of 6, 12 or 18 months at a fair interest rate.
Contact us for a comprehensive consultation about our financing options. We would also be glad to arrange an individual payment plan with you.

Alongside our leasing models, we provide individual options for purchase payment agreements of 6, 12 or 18 months with a fair interest rate.
Contact us below to receive a detailed consultation about our financing options. We could also set up a custom payment plan for you, based on your situation.

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