Trotec & SRW: strategic alliance for automation solutions

From left to right: Felix Bucher, Project Manager, Trotec Solutions; Andreas Stummer, CTO, SRW Automation & Service GmbH; Franz Eder, CSO, Trotec Solutions

Gernot Ortmann
23. Jänner 2024 • 7 min

Trotec Laser GmbH and SRW Holding GmbH have joined forces in a strategic partnership to develop customized laser marking solutions for the metal and plastic industries. This groundbreaking collaboration offers potential customers the opportunity to receive integrated laser solutions from a single source, streamlining their production processes.

Collaborative development for the Foundry Industry

The collaboration between Trotec, a global leader in laser machines, and SRW, a renowned Austrian specialist in automation solutions, provides significant benefits to customers in the foundry industry. The combined expertise of both companies results in innovative, tailored marking solutions that meet the specific requirements of the industry. This partnership not only promises current solutions but also future-proof ones that can dynamically adapt to the evolving needs of the foundry industry.

Combined expertise for efficient laser solutions

Through this unique collaboration, customers benefit from tailored solutions. The combination of in-depth knowledge in machinery and plant engineering, along with digital connectivity, allows for the seamless integration of various production and manufacturing technologies. As a result, customers receive customized laser solutions that not only meet their specific requirements but also ensure efficient connectivity of machines and equipment. Franz Eder, Chief Sales Officer of Trotec Solutions, emphasizes, "Through our collaboration with SRW, we are able to offer integrated laser solutions from a single source and provide even more comprehensive support to our industrial customers."

Revolutionary benefits in laser marking:

  • Highest performance and safety

With an impressive laser power of up to 200W, Trotec laser markers not only deliver high efficiency through remarkable cycle performance but also ensure outstanding safety standards. The use of the innovative "Safetycone" (laser protection funnel) and user-friendly operation eliminate the need for an overarching laser safety enclosure. This not only results in an open workspace, improving workplace ergonomics but also reduces costs.

  • Efficient space utilization and flexible integration

The compact design of Trotec lasers leads to a significant footprint reduction, saving space and increasing flexibility in installation. Post-installation integration is flexible, whether as a stand-alone unit or in-line linked. Seamless data integration with customer-side control systems or cell controllers allows processing laser jobs directly from the ERP system. Trotec lasers not only offer advanced technology but also showcase their versatility by marking a variety of materials and surfaces, including various metals.

  • Superiority of laser marking technology

Compared to alternative technologies such as embossing, scribing, and needle marking, laser marking technology offers crucial advantages. Faster cycle times, improved legibility, reduced noise emissions, and flexible installation make it a superior choice. A key feature is the 100% component marking in the in-line process, enabling comprehensive component tracking. The retrofitting capability of laser markers proves particularly variable and advantageous, as they are fully position-independent and do not impose any restrictions on machine cycle due to component tracking.

Moving together into the future of laser marking

The strategic alliance between Trotec and SRW promises pioneering solutions for companies looking to optimize their production processes through laser marking. With the combined expertise of both companies and a focus on individual customer requirements, this partnership becomes a key player in efficient and flexible marking solutions in the metal and plastic industries.

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