Laser marking at Case New Holland Industrial

Efficiency and reliability thanks to Trotec technology

Christoph Ortmann (Plant Supervisor Engineering, CNHi) and Christoph Hinterleitner (Electronic System Engineer, CNHi) check the marking result achieved with the SpeedMarker 300

Gernot Ortmann
20. Februar 2024 • 6 min

Trotec laser systems for mechanical engineering and drive technology

Laser marking of type plates for Case New Holland (CNHi) agricultural machinery at the site in Austria.

CNH Industrial, a renowned manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery, has decided to integrate Trotec laser solutions to optimize its production processes. With an annual turnover of around 1.1 billion euros and a team of 860 employees at its site in St. Valentin, Austria, CNH Industrial is a major player in the industry.


Type plate marking


St. Valentin, Austria

Laser machine

SpeedMarker 300

Laser technology is an official requirement

The answer is simple: CNH Industrial requires laser labelling for type plates, which are crucial for homologation. The drawing specifications explicitly require the use of laser technology to fulfil these requirements.

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Saving time and space with the Trotec laser system.

The decision in favor of a new laser system was made for various reasons. Firstly, the old system was over 20 years old, and the company had to contend with a long process time. With the new system, it is now much easier to process the type plates. Both plates can be inserted and lasered at the same time, which leads to considerable time savings. In addition, the new system requires less space and is much more compact than its predecessor.


Workflow with the SpeedMarker 300.

A typical workflow at CNH Industrial involves scanning a barcode order sheet, inserting the type plates, and closing the lid for the laser process. Once the laser process is complete, the operator checks the data on the type plates and then mounts them according to the requirements.

Why Trotec's solution: On the one hand, the proximity to Marchtrenk, on the other hand, of course, the scripting and the software are very important. It is very easy for us to maintain our type plates in the software, and it is also very easy to visualize the communication with our server

Christoph Ortmann
Supervisor Plant Engineering, CNHi

Uptime is of crucial importance to CNH Industrial. That's why the TroCare package was chosen to ensure the best possible support and minimize downtime. A dedicated contact person and a reliable hotline are available to provide fast and competent support in the event of problems.

The integration of Trotec laser solutions has helped CNH Industrial to optimize their production processes and increase efficiency. With Trotec's support, they can count on a reliable and high-quality marking solution that fully meets their requirements.

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