laser application laboratory

Laser Application Lab

The Application Specialists for Trotec Laser Equipment

Trotec runs a global network of application engineers who are experts in handling Trotec lasers. Their tasks include carrying out the feasibility studies on customer materials and supporting the sales teams in demonstrations and application tests. Determination of the optimal laser parameters for a wide variety of materials is likewise within the responsibility of this team. In addition, the application engineers constantly develop new applications and samples of materials for which Trotec laser machines can be used.

Determination of Laser Parameters

To determine the optimal engraving quality or production speed for the individual materials (acrylic, wood, ...) tests are performed on Trotec laser equipment. The optimal parameters are provided to Trotec customers via the material database of the JobControl laser software. This material database is continuously updated and saves the laser users laborious preliminary tests.

Development of Laser Applications

To demonstrate the variety of laser applications, the application engineers constantly develop new application examples. These are offered on the Trotec site for downloading – as inspirations, for making your own and for selling. Discover the applications of Trotec laser equipment.

Overview of the Laser Samples

Performance of Material Tests

Before the purchase of a laser, Trotec application engineers create feasibility studies for the customer’s application. To this end, tests are performed on the desired materials and discussed with the customer. Depending on the quality and processing speed required by the customer, this will identify the optimal laser parameters.

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