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Trotec's ProMarker offers the easiest high-speed laser marking possible. The machine itself is designed for marking metal and plastic parts, including promotional products, gifts and dataplates. Thanks to its printer driver, you'll be able to operate this machine from your usual and preferred graphics software, making this machine extremely user-friendly. All ProMarker machines have been 100% designed and manufactured in Austria.

ProMarker - High-Speed & Easy Laser Marking

mm inch
Laser type: Fiber laser
Work area: 180 x 180 mm
Max. workpiece height: 250 - 531 mm
Laser power: 10 - 20 watts

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Benefits of Trotec's ProMarker Machine

High-Speed Laser Marking

The ProMarker laser machine was originally developed for marking very large quantities of small to medium sized parts quickly and seamlessly. The machine has the capability of marking pens, USB devices, dataplates and much more, all within just a few seconds. You really cannot beat Trotec for speed! You can add this machine to a production-line and complete your jobs quicker or use it as a stand-alone unit. The sky is your only limit!

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As Easy As Printing

The pre-installed laser software acts like a printer driver and works with all graphics, CAD and label printing software. There is no need to learn a new software program: use your usual graphics software to create a design and send it to the laser using the print command. No converting or data import necessary, just print. All of the settings can be easily adjusted in the print window. The material database contains a wide range of materials and allows you to add your own. Save frequently recurring jobs in a job queue.

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Low Maintenance Costs

The built-in fiber laser head will lift your business to new heights because it's practically maintenance-free. You can always rely on this laser due to its unfaltering power and durable design. What's more, the energy consumption of this machine is extremely low, resulting in minimal costs for you and your company. You can save on consumables, spare parts and long-term laser maintenance with the ProMarker laser machine.

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Technical Data

mm inch
  ProMarker 100 ProMarker 300
Work area: 180 x 180 mm 180 x 180 mm
Max. workpiece height 531 mm 250 mm
Laser power - Fiber 10 - 20 watts 10 - 20 watts
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*Max. workpiece height is based on lens F-100. A larger lens will increase the focal length, which reduces the max. workpiece height.

ProMarker 100

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ProMarker 300

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Features of the ProMarker Laser Marker

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