Ruby - Download now

Download our latest version of Ruby! It provides all the graphic tools the laser user needs -- allowing you to create graphic, photo and text elements all within the Ruby framework. Ruby laser software also allows direct file import from pdf, svg, png, and more. When files are imported, faulty files are automatically cleaned. These functionalities reduce the time from the idea to the finished product by half. The cloud-based material database provides you with everything you need to get the best laser results. Only minimal training is required.

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Do you have Ruby already installed?

If you are using Ruby already there is no need to register again or to download JobControl®. Just update Ruby with the application in your taskbar.

Installation Prerequisites: 

  • JobControl® 11.4
  • Internet Access
  • Windows 10 64 bit (admin permissions)
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  • Speedy Family Laser System
  • Rotary attachment, JobControl® Vision, Stamp process and Job Time Calculator are not supported in Beta.
  • Upgrades from below JobControl® 10 are not free of charge.