Laser Cutting Soft Signage

Clean finishing of printed textiles made of polyester in large format. Cost-saving laser cutting for manufacturers of flags, textile banners and signs.

Why laser cutting is optimal for soft signage.

Print&Cut applications can be reliably produced using laser finishing. A laser cutter enables the efficient cutting of printed textiles in large format.

The laser cut prevents fraying and ensures a sealed cut edge – regardless of the size or grammage of the textile. There is no warping of the textile during cutting thanks to the contactless process. Digital textile printing and digital manufacturing enable inexpensive production of individualized textiles in large quantities.

Discover the many possibilities in the laser processing of textiles for yourself.

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Why the laser cutting of soft signage with a laser makes sense. A comparison of technologies.

What can be done in digital textile printing.

How a laser cutter creates added value in digital printing.

Higher margins, cost reductions and new products have a positive impact on the company’s success. The examples outline purchase and sales prices. The calculation includes operating costs of the machine, depreciation, the personnel costs for file processing and machine use.

What does it take to reliably cut digital prints with a laser cutter?

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Which laser machine is needed for soft signage applications?

The SP laser cutting machine is the machine of choice for printed textile applications. Textiles up to a width of 3.2 meters and a workpiece length limited only by the roller length can be cut with this laser cutter. This is particularly suitable for large-format banners or the textile finishing of exhibition stands.

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What our customers say.

“The laser systems enable efficient and optimized series production with polished cut edges. We also attach great importance to quality and good service with all of our machines. That’s why we chose Trotec as a long-term partner.”

Bernhard Eremit

Managing Director - Alfred Eremit Gesellschaft m. b. H.

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“Our customer inquiries became increasingly specific and we were looking for a partner who could serve us in the long term. The Trotec SP3000 can cover all applications that are required in lighting technology. Acrylic inlays with very sharp edges can be cut using the laser cutter. In addition, with the SP3000 we can nest geometries in a very material-efficient manner and thus produce parts economically.”

Roland Plank

Managing Director - Werner + Plank Licht & Metalltechnik GmbH

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"The laser enabled us to achieve an enormous increase in turnover, as it was only through the laser that we were able to accept the offered acrylic product order. The required product quality without dust inclusions and the required production speed can currently only be achieved with the laser. The SP3000 Laser Cutter thus contributes to the growth of Mister Druck."

Rune Slembrouck

Mister Druck GmbH

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How is laser cutting used in graphic design?


Can I integrate a laser machine into my printing workflow?


Does a laser cutter cut acrylic faster than my milling machine?


What does it take to integrate a reliable Print&Cut workflow?
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