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24. Oktober 2022 •

Now also in white: drinking bottle for laser engraving.

Trotec offers high-quality, reusable cups and bottles made of stainless steel - stylish, practical and unique. Personalize them creatively and cost-effectively with the laser. Due to high demand, we are expanding our product line with the color white. As a laser manufacturer, we are always testing a variety of products for our customers and select the best for you.

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How to earn money quickly and easily.

The matt lacquered surface is perfect for customized laser engraving. With a quick and easy personalized engraving, you will enhance this product and it will be the perfect gift for many special occasions. Whether it's a logo, employee gifts or personalized engraving with a favorite hobby or name, you can offer personalized gifts with little effort using this pre-made product.

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High-quality stainless steel and lacquer for optimum results.

Our insulated bottles, mugs and cups are made from high quality 304 stainless steel and are then painted. The laser engraving removes the layer of paint, exposing the stainless steel underneath. The double-walled vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks warm and ice-cold drinks cool - whether in the car, during sporting events or at the beach. These stylish products are not only convenient, but also support the reduction of single-use plastic bottles and thus also make an important contribution to the environment.

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Looking for machining tips for our new accessory materials?

Here you will find the reasons why you have come to the right place, how to find the best parameter and what tips we have for you regarding laser engraving. You will also get recommendations on how to best clean the products.

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Personalized with Speedy.

Personalize the drinking bottles with a laser engraver from our Speedy series. Place the rotary engraving device with the bottle in the Speedy and start your individual laser engraving.

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