Odyssey Studios find stress free production with Trotec Laser.

Precision props backed by experience

Over 20 years of experience creating props for both film and television led to the foundation of Odyssey Studios in 2018. Team members have extensive experience in working on big budget productions, including The Hobbit Trilogy, Alice in Wonderland and the television series Vikings. Mark Maher, founder of Odyssey Studios returned to the UK from his work on The Hobbit series to head the prop department for a studio before founding his company in 2018.

Alongside the company’s work in film, the Odyssey Studios team also work within the arts and heritage sector, responding to tenders from clients for a wide range of jobs.

The Speedy 400 is a great addition to our production capabilities, allowing us to remove the outsourcing requirement and add fine details to our products. The service we have received from Trotec has been excellent, with our area manager being especially supportive.

Mark Maher

Another string to the bow

The range of props produced by Odyssey Studios varies, from large-scale film set pieces to miniature components. The creation of props requires a range of tools to be used, including 3D printers and a CNC miller. As the clientbase grew, so did the requirement for laser cut components which required outsourcing due to the studio's lack of an internal solution.

The desire to remove the outsourcing requirement and also to further broaden the team’s project capabilities led Mark to investigating the possibility of bringing laser cutting in-house. Discussions with friends and colleagues in industry led Mark to Trotec. Alongside Trotec, Mark researched several other laser suppliers, however Trotec's online presence greatly impressed him, with the website and online advertisements immediately attracting his attention.This led Mark to contacting Trotec to arrange a demonstration at his local showroom in Dublin, Ireland.

During the demonstration at Trotec's showroom Mark saw a wide range of laser machines in action. Initially believing that a large format machine was the right solution for Odyssey Studios, discussions with Trotec's area manager and the demonstration itself led Mark to the conclusion that the Speedy 400 with its 1000 x 610 mm working area was the perfect fit for the studio.

Speedy, stress free production

The Speedy 400 has proven an invaluable addition to the production capabilities of the team. Working alongside their existing technologies, the Speedy 400 is used for the creation of fine detailed flat prop work as well as cutting components for other jobs. The generous bed size of the laser allows multiple jobs to be completed at once, helping to maximise production time.

The laser has also brought different engraving capabilities to the team. In the past certain applications had to be moulded and cast which offered no flexibility in processing, while the laser allows for engraving at different depths to add the extra detail to the application. The ability to control the power and speed of the machine allows the team to create striking details in the ba href="of an eye on cast acrylics.

The laser cutter has received strong praise from Mark and the team for its durability and reliability. While some of the workshop technologies require a certain degree of manual control and monitoring to ensure quality, the Speedy 400 guarantees reliable results when processing jobs. The ease of cleaning the machine has also received praise and saved time, with Mark commenting that following the nightly clean the machine is brand new each morning, further adding to its reliability.

Alongside the professional experience Mark received at the showroom, Odyssey Studios have praised other aspects of Trotec service, including the fast delivery of the machine. Installation of the new Trotec system took place the week before a major project was due to be undertaken which required considerable laser cutting work. The prompt installation ensured that Mark and the team could hit the ground running and avoid costly outsourcing.

Mark says his area manager has been a great support beyond the initial demonstration, offering a solution to any issue that the team have encountered with their machine. Trotec’s consumables team has also provided support and advice, while Mark also praises the quality of Trotec’s materials. 

The team at Odyssey Studios are currently planning a new venture offering training in prop- making to support the local community in Limerick, with an academy for teaching upstairs and a making facility downstairs. This has long been an aspiration for Mark due to the level of training not being available in the local vicinity.

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