In focus: Engravable gifts and products

More information about personalisation with laser engraving

Wondering if personalisation is a service you want to offer with your laser> Our dedicated application page coveres everything you need to know about personalisation as a laserengravign service, from suitable materials to product ideas and the all important advantages a laser engraver brings to the application.  You'll also find a selection of useful videos to inspire you. To find out more information about using your laser machine for personalisation, visit our dedicated page now. If you'd like to talk to one of our experts about our laser technology, contact us.  Laser engraving for personalisation

Wooden photo frames

Laser engraved wood is used in a range of stunning products from wall art to signage and beyond, but even a simple engraving on a photo frame can create a special product.  Whether its a wedding, personal purchase or a special gift, adding a qunique design to a wooden photo frame takes the product to the next level. Using your CO2 laser you can engrave everything from names and dates to intricate border designs onto the frames in no time.  Check out our tutorial below and visit the webshop to discover the full range. 

Engravable metal drinking products

Among the most popular products in recent years, reusable drinking bottles are among the most common for personalisation. One of the reasons for this is the growing trend towards sustainability, however the products are perfect for processing with a laser engraver.  Trotec's range of stainless steel drinking bottles and hip flasks featured a coloured cotaing which can be easily laser engraved with everything from company logos to detailed, intricate designs. Whilst metal products usually require a fiber laser to process, the coloured coating makes a CO2 laser the perfect tool for laser engraving personalised designs into these products.  Visit the webshop to discover the full range and watch the video to see how you can easily use your laser engraver to create unique products and designs. 

Personalisation: Make everyday products special

Personalisation has become a lucrative market for many businesses in recent years, with customers placing greater value on products that are unique to them. With laser technology being the ideal method of processing products, the range of items that can be personalised has grown rapidly.  Everything from jewellery and computer tablets to metal drinking bottles and beyond are suitable for processing with a laser engraver, which is one of the reasons that the trend has continued to grow due to the ease of the technology.  Read on to find out more about the different products offered by Trotec for personalisation.