Customima: personalized jewelry with soul.

Customima invested in laser technology to be able to offer the highest quality engraving of any type of gold, silver or steel jewelry and to quickly and efficiently service all incoming orders.


Customization and engraving of modern and trendy jewelry


Barcelona, Spain

Laser machine

SpeedMarker 300, 2 ProMarker 300

About Customima.

Customima is a custom jewelry online shop based in Barcelona founded in 2016. It is part of the Fina García Group.

Customima was born after founder Susana Fuentes realized on a trip to Asia that jewelry should have soul. So she created a brand that transforms the most important moments of many women into indelible feelings, through customization and engraving of modern and trendy jewelry. Customima's main customers are women between 25 and 45 years from urban areas who want to immortalize moments, such as the birth of a child, special celebrations, important dates, etc. and therefore wish to engrave text or illustrations on Customima jewelry.

Today Customima has got 25 employees.

Creating the ultimate shopping experience.

Customima's mission is to be the brand and the reference in personalized jewelry. Therefore, constant innovation is required to be able to adapt to the taste of each woman and to gain her trust, to create stylish and trendy designs, and to offer a personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

Thus, Customima felt the need to invest in laser technology - a technology that would allow the company to offer the highest quality engraving of any type of gold, silver or steel jewelry and to quickly and efficiently service all incoming orders.

For Customima it is very important to have machinery that is easy to operate and guarantees a high level of quality. Also, as the production process is one of the most important pillars at Customima, they need a supplier that can offer almost immediate assistance in case of problems that might arise without affecting the service Customima is offering to its customers.

The most remarkable thing about Trotec is the assistance that we received both during the purchase and the installation process, as well as the quality of the after-sales service they provide whenever we need it.

Susana Fuentes
CEO & Founder - Customima

Trotec provides perfect equipment and outstanding support.

They chose Trotec because of the local service Trotec can provide and because of the top quality engraving results.

At the moment they use 2 ProMarker300 and 1 SpeedMarker300. Trotec's laser engraving machines have helped Customima a lot to make the learning process of the workshop staff that engraves the jewelry very quick and easy.

"Each piece of jewelry is engraved with Trotec laser machines according to our customers' requests. This is the first step in the jewelry production chain to create the product we sell to the customer", explains Susana Fuentes, CEO & Founder of Customima.

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