Bartec Design delights customers with premium laser services

Bartec Design offer a premium laser cutting and engraving service. Thanks to his consultative approach and high-quality laser equipment, Bartosz has also been able to attract prestigious customers such as Lamborghini Edinburgh.


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Edinburgh, Scotland

Laser machine

Speedy 300 80 watt CO2

About Bartec Design

Formed in 2018, Bartec Design is a premium service provider offering laser cutting, engraving and marking services to Edinburgh and the wider area. Founder Bartosz Gradecki started the company to pursue his goal of self-employment, encouraged by a friend who had taken similar steps to start their own premium laser service in Poland. 
Bartec Design supplements its service work income by creating and selling a range of personalised wooden gifts such as wall artwork, business card holders, wedding invites and more through its Etsy store. With the capability to laser process a wide range of materials including woods, acrylics, textiles, paper and metal, Bartec Design has a wide client-base covering various industries.  Since Bartec Design was founded, Bartosz has worked with big-name clients including Ocean Mist Hotel in Leith and Lamborghini Edinburgh. Offering a consultative approach to work alongside high-quality laser equipment has helped Bartosz to secure such high-profile clients.  

Laying the foundations of a business

The success of Bartosz’s friend offering a premium laser service with a Trotec laser was a defining factor in his own decision to start a business. Initially starting with a Trotec Speedy 100 laser engraver, Bartosz’s friend quickly found increased demand and growth which led the company to upgrade to the larger Speedy 360 system. This success prompted Bartosz to look to invest in a similar sized laser cutter to the Speedy 360.
Although Bartosz had seen how well a business could thrive with a Trotec Laser, he was keen to carry out research with due-diligence and contacted several other laser suppliers before speaking directly with Trotec. Before contacting Trotec, Bartosz researched many laser suppliers. As a home-based business, space was at a premium and Bartosz soon discovered that many of the similar-sized systems required additional equipment such as chillers, which would take up too much of Bartosz’s workspace. The Speedy series from Trotec offered Bartosz an all-in-one solution with a reduced footprint, and he already knew it would deliver performance wise. 
Bartosz visited Trotec’s Scotland showroom where he saw various laser engravers in action, including the Speedy 300 and 360. The quality of the demonstration and the knowledge imparted by Trotec’s area manager impressed Bartosz, so once construction had begun on the workshop extension to his house, Bartosz ordered a Speedy 300 80 watt laser cutting and engraving system. 

A leading service provider

In the years since the Speedy laser was installed, Bartosz has transformed Bartec Design from a sideline hobby to a full-time business. The speed and quality of the Trotec laser have helped Bartosz establish the company as a leading service provider in the area, providing corporate and private customers with high-quality products and personalisation. The transition to full-time business allows him to tailor the working hours around his family, which was particularly important as a father of young children. 
The Speedy laser system is part of the stand-out service offered by Bartosz, who often receives enquiries from companies who have in-house laser systems, but want to outsource work to Bartec Design due to the improved quality and speed that the Trotec laser offers. 
The 80 watt Speedy laser system allows for highly productive laser cutting and engraving regardless of job size, meeting Bartec Design’s requirements for large batch orders for corporate clients as well as bespoke one-off pieces for private customers. Bartosz commented that whilst bulk jobs form a large part of his business, the bespoke one-off items are his favourite jobs, as they provide a challenge to get the marking and engraving right first time with no room for error. The accuracy of the Speedy laser and the intuitive Trotec laser software provide Bartosz an effective solution to meet these challenges. 
Bartosz praised his Trotec experience, from the initial demonstration through to the machine installation and beyond. The intuitive laser software allows Bartosz to develop efficient workflows to optimise production time for each job. Time is also saved for repeat customer orders, because settings can be stored in the laser software and easily selected for future jobs,  improving productivity and turnaround time. 

“People say the best measure of a successful business is returning customers and we are proud to serve both companies and the public. Our Speedy 300 means we can guarantee consistent and reproducible quality and pass this on to our customers.“  

Bartosz Gradecki

Speedy series
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