What items can I make on a laser machine?

Personalized gifts and keepsake items are some of the most popular and high-value items you can make on a laser engraving machine. Lasers are ideal for creating these items because they offer high-speed, contactless precision processing, and they can be used for many different materials like acrylic, wood, metal, leather, paper, or plastic sheets just to name a few. Due to the variety of materials, you can create incredible design opportunities whether it is a single piece tailored to the needs of a specific customer or higher volume production.

Why personalization is always a win

Virtually any design can be lasered with high precision, from customized items with logos and lettering to very accurate fine detail. By personalizing items, you can turn standard products into unique pieces in a cost-effective way. Personalized items tend to achieve better margins as the sales price can be 5-10 times higher than for a standard product.

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