Video series: 10 questions before buying a laser machine

Are you planning on buying a laser machine? There are a few key questions you should ask yourself before making the investment. The answers to these key questions will give you the information you need to determine which laser machine is the right one for you. In this exclusive video series, our laser experts will share these important questions with you to guide you through the process of choosing the optimal laser for your business.

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Here's an overview of the 10 questions:

  1. What would I like to do with a laser machine?
  2. How large should the work area be?
  3. What laser power do I need?
  4. What are the costs of a laser system?
  5. Which services do the different laser manufacturers offer before the purchase?
  6. What can I expect from the After-Sales Service offered by the various manufacturers?
  7. How easy is the operation of a laser?
  8. What services does the manufacturer offer, if my product portfolio expands?
  9. Do I invest in an integrated laser system?
  10. What do I have to consider when setting up the laser machine?
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