How to extend the life
of your exhaust system

The three most important things to monitor

There are only three things that you need to pay attention to in order to take optimal care of your exhaust system:

  • Check the filter mat
  • Monitor filter saturation
  • Use a prefilter mat

Checking the filter mat

Check the filter mat regularly and replace it if necessary. Details about the optimum intervals and location of the filter mat can be found in the operation manual.

IMPORTANT: Before opening the exhaust system, make sure you turn it off and disconnect it from the laser!

Monitor filter saturation

Depending on the exhaust model used, your Atmos exhaust system shows the value Filter either on the display of the exhaust (Atmos Nano, Atmos Cube). Or you get the filter status directly in Ruby®, regardless where the exhaust (Atmos Pure) is located.

Don't worry, at 10% filter saturation you have the same suction as at 90%. The system automatically regulates this. Nevertheless, the filter must be replaced once it is “full."

Use a prefilter mat

A prefilter mat can greatly extend the service life of the Atmos fine filter box. Once the mat is inserted into the upper frame, it filters out coarse dust and dirt particles and only the fine dust enters the Atmos fine filter box.

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