Better readability of barcodes and text on metal

Different methods of laser marking metals

laser labelling barcode

There are a number of different methods of laser marking barcodes and text on metal. Learn how to select the correct method to achieve high-quality, readable markings even on highly reflective materials.

laser marking barcode on metal

Different methods of laser marking metals

Laser markings on bare metal can be difficult to read. Depending on the marking surface and exposure to light, the markings may be highly reflective, making them difficult for humans or optical readers to decipher. In our example, we show how different exposure to light can effect the appearance of barcodes laser marked on metal.

Better readability with "cleaning function"

By using the cleaning function, the laser automatically creates a matte finish in non-marked zones (also called quiet zones) after engraving. This process not only roughens and consequently brightens the area around the marking, but also cleans the edges of the engraved areas. This results in a reflection-free marking that does not need to be cleaned. The cleaning function can be found within SpeedMark in the parameter "filling" with only one mouse click.

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