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Laser engraving with a ProMarker galvo laser

Marking or engraving metals and plastics - as easy as printing with the DirectMark laser software

Laser engraving with DirectMark laser marking software

ProMarker marking laser allows you to mark or engrave metals and many types of plastic. The pre-installed DirectMark laser marking software means the laser works as easily as a printer, allowing you to laser directly from all common graphics and Windows programs. The following tutorials will show you a variety of tips and tricks with explanations on the topic of laser engraving and laser marking. We also provide you with the corresponding graphic files for you to try yourself.

directmark laser software metal

Tutorial "laser engraving on metal"

In this tutorial, we will show you how to laser engrave a metal lighter using a ProMarker marking laser. In this example, we use the CorelDraw graphics program to create our design, select the DirectMark software as the printer in the print command, and set the print properties. In the tutorial, we will show you how to create a new material parameter in DirectMark and then select it. In addition, you will find an explanation on how the material parameters are processed by the laser software.


lasermarking logo photo mode

Tutorial "photo and logo mode"

With a ProMarker fiber laser, you can also mark graphics or images. There are different methods for marking these graphics using the laser. In this tutorial, you will learn about the photo and logo mode methods and their differences. In this process, you mark a polycarbonate card with the same logo (see attachment), and depending on the selected mode, you will get different results. At the end of the tutorial we explain how the laser software processes the graphic in each respective mode.


Tutorial "marking color images"

In addition to the "Photo and logo mode" tutorial, this tutorial will show you how to process a color image (jpg) directly with the DirectMark laser software. In this case, the photo is marked on a polycarbonate card. You will learn how to edit the image (with the correct resolution) and then adjust the laser parameters. Then you will be ready to mark any photo using the laser.


lasermarking process steel

Tutorial "marking processes on steel"

If you want to mark metals, you have several options with the fiber laser. Depending on the requirements and application, you can either engrave (strip), anneal (dark annealing) or polish (white polish) steel. All these methods can be performed with a ProMarker laser. In this tutorial, we will show you the 3 different marking processes on steel and how you can adjust the laser parameters for each. We also explain what happens to the material during these processes.


coreldraw print merge laser marking

Tutorial "print merge with Corel Draw"

Want to create identification plates with consecutive serial numbers, or name plates with different names? You can do all that with a ProMarker. You can create serial numbers or directly import variable data to the SpeedMarker lasers using the provided SpeedMark software. Corel Draw's print merge function can help prepare serial number files for the ProMarker. In this tutorial, we will show you how to activate the print merge function, import the corresponding data set, and then send the final file to the laser. In addition, we explain how you can define the right parameters and laser mark the individual name plates in DirectMark.


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