Laser Engraving Denim

Personalize your denim pieces with this unique design

Step 1: Arrange Your Material

Position your denim into the laser machine. If the garment is too large for the working area, fold it into sections. Be mindful that the material is not bunched to a height where the laser head would make contact with it.

Step 2: Secure Your Garment

An even surface area is essential for achieving optimal results for laser engraving and marking applications. Flatten your material as much as possible, and iron any wrinkles or lines if necessary. Once you've reached the desired surface level, secure your garment in place. With Trotec's multifunctional table concept, there are multiple options to ensure your application stays flat while processing. Use magnets to fasten your item to the ferromagnetic table option, or the vacuum table that fixes applications to the working table using a light vacuum. To increase this effect, block off the unused portion of the working area to create a stronger down-draft. If you are unable to flatten your material with the methods listed above, compensate for the irregularity and unevenness by utilizing a longer focal lens or or by moving the laser out of focus.
Denim is an ideal material for creating unique, laser engraved textile applications. Processing denim of darker washes can result in a high-contrast engraving and create a “bleached” effect, displaying the incredibly fine detail made possible with a laser engraver. Additionally, denim engraving requires little to no post-processing, saving you time and money. The following steps and accompanying video provides instructions on how to transform your wardrobe with this custom engraving. More about textile processing

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