Which graphics programs are compatible with Trotec laser machines?

File formats and graphics software suitable for use with Trotec laser systems

You can use any graphics software that can print via the printer driver of the operating system with Trotec laser machines. Depending on your software, certain pre-settings are required to be able to work with the laser machine. Here you can find a list of suitable graphics programs and file formats in the embedded links.

Vector-based graphics software for laser cutting

The highly intuitive software included with every laser machine can process both vector-based (Ex. From Abobe Illustrator, CorelDraw) and pixel-based (Ex. from Photoshop) graphics. Each format is suitable for both laser marking and laser engraving, and for laser cutting, vector-based graphics are required as the starting point.

Which file formats are supported?

The chart below lists the file formats most commonly used with a laser machine.
File type File extension
Vector *.ai, *.cdr, *svg
Raster / Bitmap *.bmp, *.cpt, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.ps, *.tiff
Compound *.eps, *.pdf
Office *.doc, *.docx,*.xls, *.xlsx
3D Design & CAD *.dwg, *.dxf, *.3dm

Which graphics programs are compatible with Trotec laser machines?

The table below lists some of the supported software packages compatible with operating a Trotec laser machine.
*Note that in terms of supported laser functions, individual programs may present limitations.
Type of software Compatible software packages
Illustration Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Photo-processing Adobe Photoshop
Corel Photopaint
PDF Adobe Acrobat & Reader
Office software Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
CAD & 3D Design AutoCAD
DXF Viewer
Rhino 3D
Specialized software Bartender
laser marking CAD software

Can my CAD package be used?

Design software such as SolidWorks® and AutoCAD® are examples of some of the widely used programs that are ideal for precise cutting on a laser machine.
laser marking serial numbers

Can Trotec’s software use serial printing functions?

Yes, and with the JobControl software on all of our flatbed laser machines, the standard serial printing capabilities of your office or graphics software can be used to output lists in the proper format.

With our galvo systems, the SpeedMark laser marking software offers the option of creating codes and serial numbers with freely definable, consecutive numbers. Additionally, the software has many unique features for seamlessly importing external data to use for simple text, barcoding, or even data matrix output.

Is your design software not on our list?

Trotec is happy to assist with any graphics software compatibility questions, or if you need additional help using special or older versions of software such as university or school licenses.

Because individual requirements require individual advice.
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