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Trotec Ruby: Makes working with your laser simpler and faster. Digital to the core.

What does every laser user need today and in the future? A laser software that makes your daily work with the laser run seamlessly. A simple and fast workflow from idea to product. A platform that guarantees profitable order processing. A setup which is connected, web-based and digital to the core. A user interface that delights. This is what Trotec Ruby stands for. Our vision: To re-define working with the laser and offer all laser users unprecedented added value.

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The graphic design software for the laser. For a seamless workflow.

With several integrated design and editing tasks, Ruby provides a seamless workflow. You can create graphic, photo and text elements and make adjustments quickly with the integrated workflow. Switch between the "design" and "prepare" steps at any time in one software that is both a graphics and laser program. Ruby laser software allows direct file imports from pdf, svg, and png files. When importing, faulty files are automatically cleaned. These functionalities can cut the time from idea to the finished product in half.  No costs for third-party software packages.

Connected working. Multiple lasers, infinite number of users, one web-based platform.

Trotec Ruby connects all your laser machines in a network, locally or in the cloud, enabling users to distribute jobs to multiple machines from a PC or Mac. Jobs will be loaded onto the laser machine's integrated memory and processed without an additional PC. Thanks to the new workflow, jobs can be prepared by one user and produced by another at any time, and from anywhere. Ruby also allows for different roles and rights in user management. Complete automation of business processes is possible with the open programming interface - the Ruby API.

A user interface that delights.

The Trotec Ruby laser software accompanies the user from the idea to the finished product. The training effort is minimal. The seamless, self-explanatory workflow starts with the design and continues through preparation and production. An integrated guide provides additional tips if required. The cloud-based material database helps you improve your laser processing results. The user selects the material and material effects such as deep engraving, dark engraving or kiss cut, and Trotec Ruby provides the right material parameters right from the start. 

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Seamless workflow

Idea Product

Search and edit laser designs and jobs

Create laser designs and texts

Get jobs ready for production

Run jobs on your laser

From idea to product

All processing steps for laser users are integrated in one software. The integrated workflow guides the user step by step from the idea for a laser job to the finished product. The advantage of the split workflow: Graphic, laser-related job preparation and laser operation can be performed by different people.

Import files directly

Directly import files as pdf, ai, svg, jpg or png and optimize them automatically.

Create graphic- and text elements

Create designs, photo and text elements. With all the graphic tools the laser user needs.

Windows and MAC compatible

Platform and client independence. For all operating systems.

Control more lasers from one PC

Jobs can be distributed from one PC to several machines.

Connect the laser to the network

Connect all laser machines in a network, locally or remote.

Simplify laser parameters

Time-consuming adjustment of laser parameters is no longer necessary. Simply select material and desired material effect, e.g. dark engraving or kisscut.

Access to job data anytime from anywhere

Prepare your laser jobs from anywhere. With Ruby® you don't have to be directly at the laser machine. Ruby® can be used anywhere, whether in the network or remotely.

Full availability online and offline

Keep up-to-date with the latest online updates and work with your laser independently of the internet. Laser parameters, jobs and designs are stored locally.

Use Ruby with Speedy laser machines

Ruby can be used with all Speedy laser machines built in 2004 or later.

Connect your webshop

Connect your webshop to minimize job creation.

Share jobs, designs and laser parameters

Share jobs, designs and laser parameters with other laser users.

Seamless rotary workflow

Create, scale and rotate rotary jobs on the object. Preview in 3D and engrave infinite.

Advanced print&cut

Use registration marks to determine the position, rotation and distortion of printed materials. Detect print&cut registration marks even with lowest contrast.

Optimize cut jobs

Optimize your cut jobs for better material utilization with common line cutting.

Manage roles and user rights

Assign different roles and rights to the users.

Clipping masks

Insert Images into vector objects.

Weld, trim and intersect

Create complex shapes with weld, trim and intersect and fill them with images.

Speed up file import

Save files onto "hot folder" to import automatically. This speeds up file import.

Fast onboarding

Get into the software quickly with the integrated user guide.

Get notified in real time

Get notified on the status of your machine to maximize the utilization.

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The vision of Trotec Ruby

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Laser software roadmap - what's next

The digital journey has already begun in April 2020 with a closed beta version of Trotec Ruby. We are incorporating the positive feedback from our customers into our planning, for further development of the laser software. The journey goes on:


Directly import files like pdf, ai, jpg, svg, png

Simplify engraving of cylindrical products

Create complex geometries and clipping masks

Use your laser without PC

Create print&cut jobs

Use any operating system

Use multiple machines from one PC

Prepare laser jobs from anywhere

Know job time up-front


Direct import of more file formats

More and complex design and typesetting

Import, create and process dynamic data for serialization

Ruby® for the SP laser cutting machines

Optimize your cutting jobs

Automate workflows to minimize manual interaction

Ruby® for the galvo lasers

Trotec API


Optimize laser jobs for better material utilization

Use of all Trotec laser machines in one interface

Online access to laser machines at any time and from anywhere

Connection to external systems

View and analyze all production data

Connect and share with the laser community

Solve problems before they arise

Ruby® for all Trotec laser machines

*Please notice: Subjected to change without notice

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