High-speed laser cutting machines for large format materials

The SP laser cutter series includes CO2 flatbed laser cutting machines designed for efficient processing of large-format applications in plastics, wood, textiles and many more. Available in different workstations sizes with several power options, these laser cutting systems provide high-quality results at maximum speed.

inch mm
Laser type: CO₂ laser
Work area: 49.0 x 28.0 up to 87.0 x 126.4 inch
Max. workpiece height: 2.2 - 11.8 inch
Laser power: 40 - 400 watts

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Benefits of the SP Series laser cutters

Built for efficient production

SP laser cutting machines combine generous working areas with ergonomic design, and our patented low-maintenance design that encloses all fragile, system-critical components, protecting them from dust and debris to minimize maintenance and maximize longevity. 

Laser cutting machines for unique requirements

SP laser cutting machines are available with different bed sizes, power options, accessories, and other options, so they can be configured to meet your unique needs. You can choose different work tables, equip your laser cutter with a heavy load table, or add travelling exhaust on the working head.

High quality, low maintenance

SP laser cutters feature the highest quality components with minimal maintenance. The motion system, electronics, working head and laser source feature highest quality and performance, and with Trotec's patented InPack Technology, the fragile system-critical components are enclosed by a rugged housing, protecting them from dust and debris, which minimizes wear and tear and maintenance, and keeps the axes in perfect function to ensure high-quality cutting results.

Technical Data

inch mm
  SP 500 SP 1500 SP2000​ SP 3000
Work area 49.0 x 28.0 inch 59.1 x 49.2 inch 66.1 x 98.8 inch 87.0 x 126.4 inch
Max. workpiece height 11.8 inch 7.3 inch 2.2 inch 2.2 inch
Laser power - CO2 40 - 200 watts 60 - 400 watts 60 - 400 watts 60 - 400 watts
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Which materials can the laser handle?


  Engrave cut