Tandem Assist

Non-stop laser cutting with the Tandem

Double your laser cutting efficiency

Tandem Assist is a feature within the JobControl® laser software that virtually splits the laser machine's work area into two zones. While the laser cutter in zone A is processing the material, the operator can remove the finished parts in zone B and reload the work area. This time-saving feature minimizes idle times and significantly increases productivity.

Boost laser cutting productivity with a few clicks

Using the tandem assist feature is simple. It takes only a few clicks in the JobControl® laser software. First you define your work zones A and B, and then place the jobs on the virtual work area.

Next, you press the start command, which is a "Ready" button located directly on the laser cutter. This will cause the laser cutter to process the sheet material in Zone A. To process the laser cutter in Zone B, simply press the "Ready" button in Zone B.

This creates a "tandem" process in which processing zones alternate, which frees up the operator and supports error-free operation. After processing a zone, the tandem assist does not allow the same zone to be reprocessed. This ensures a continuous "pendulum" between the zones.

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