InPack Technology™ - Dust Protection

Clean laser machine for perfect engraving results

The cleanliness of the laser machine during laser engraving is not a question of aesthetics, but rather a factor in perfect function. Soiling of the lenses, mirrors, or electronics may result in premature breaking or failure. Dust on motors or axes will have a negative effect on the engraving result. Trotec lasers have been designed to protect sensitive components against dust. The lens, the mirrors, electronics, motors and axes are mounted in a manner to prevent any contact with dust and debris.

Dust protection for higher productivity

InPack Technology provides optimal protection for all these components. This is why Trotec laser machines operate with virtually no maintenance or cleaning requirements, even for most intensive use. This means higher productivity and lower lifetime operating costs. 

For applications that produce high amounts of dust (e. g. engraving of rubber for rubber stamps), the harsh environment protection kit provides even higher protection.