Best accessibility and inside view.

Designed for easy access.

Unlike some lasers on the market, the Speedy 360 and Speedy 400 were designed without the front bar or struts to provide easy and ergonomic access to the work area. This ergonomic design makes loading and unloading (especially large or heavy parts or a rotary attachment) much easier. It also minimizes the physical effort required from the operator, because loading and unloading the laser machine is done at hip height, and the front cover can be folded down completely to minimize back strain on operators when they are inserting working tables or materials.

Laser machines with windows.

Trotec laser machines are equipped with a transparent top cover, allowing you to monitor your laser engraving job at any time during processing and no matter where your workpiece is positioned without lifting the lid. The transparent top cover provides a view the entire cabinet of the laser machine. The design also includes LED lighting, which illuminates the entire working area. This convenient feature improves operator comfort and convenience.

Speedy series
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